Wakami Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses primarily on the lives of rural women and their struggle to generate sources of income for their families. We support business training to these rural women in order to transform cycles of poverty into cycles of prosperity.  Currently we support work in rural communities of Guatemala with two methodologies:

  • Inclusive business methodology, which incubates, establishes and strengthens rural businesses mainly led by women through nine training cycles conducted over a two-year time span.
  • Smart Investment Methodology: A platform that provides access to products and services to these women – allowing rural families to invest their incomestrategically in order to improve their homes and their children’s education and nutrition.

Currently our support is focused in more than 8 Guatemalan regions. Our partner on the ground in these areas is Communities of the Earth (“COTE”) a Guatemalan non-profit that implements the methodologies that we support.